Pleeeze, I really need it!

Well, I’ve gone and done it, I finally purchased another embroidery machine.  After looking long and hard at all the different kinds, I found one that is not too expensive (1500.00) and not too cheap.  Pretty good reputation and bigger embroidery area.  It should come in 3-4 days.  At least that’s what the company said when he called  me at 7am this morning (that’s Hawaii time).  I guess it’s like lunch time in Texas.  So I’m busy clearing a space for yet another sewing machine thingy.  At present I have, 1 electronic sewing machine, 1 serger, 1 old Deco 500 embroidery machine.  So now they have a sister!  Not sure where to put it yet, well at least I have 3 days to figure that out.