The Big Church Bag

My friend approached my about purchasing some canvas bags and embroidering them for Church.  They would be used to provide kids with something to occupy them during "big church".  She said she would fill them with crayons, paper, puzzles and stuff and they would get them and use them for big church and give them back after the end of service.  I bought one from Walmart, pretty cheap, under 2 bucks and big enough for stuff yet small enough for kids.  I tried embroidering it and found that it was so tight to fit the hoop.  Instead I bough a bunch of canvas and strap webbing and made my own 10 X 8 bags.  It was easier to hoop since I embroidered it before assembing the bag.  Cost about a dollar for materials and didn’t take much time.  I think I’ll make about 12 for starters.  They have the same wording but the back have different designs that appeal to kids.