nothing happening here

I’ve been trying to learn Embird Studio better.  It’s a fairly basic digitizing program.  No bangs for whistles,  just lots of hard work and tedious mapping.  Or I could go and purchase a program that takes a jpg and turns it into a embroidery program.  Only drawback is that i costs about 200.00.  I’ll have to think a lot about it.  I’m still waiting on my embroidery machine, should be here wednesday.  And still looking for space to put it. 
It’s been pretty rainy today, when it rains my joins get sore.  Don’t know why, but lots of people have told me it happens to them also.  Oh well, just the pains of growing old I guess. 
Last night we went to dinner at Shogun restaurant.  Japanese food buffet , lots of sushi, snow crab legs, and prime rib.  I loved the crab legs and ate most that for dinner.  The restaurant over looks a big aquarium, and I even saw 2 stingrays.