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    Okay, I promised myself that I would not go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.  I told myself that I didn’t want to get into the hype and buy stuff that I didn’t want or need.  So, I went to Home Depot.  Bought a new 6 foot ladder, screw gun holster, new tape measure, and a compressor with a brad nailer.  Okay so I bought some stuff that I really needed. 
    On another note, I’ve been into scrapbooking, (I must have crafter’s ADHD huh?) I saw this old photo album of my younger daughter, you know the kind with the sticky paper and you put the photo and put down the clear plastic on it.  Yeah the photos were getting yellow, especially on the edges.  Took them all off, put them in order, and am in the process of putting them in a scrapbook.  I’m getting pretty lazy about it, I used to put them on different colored backgrounds and stickers and other stuff but then put photos but now I just put different background papers and then the photos and some writing and that’s it.  Oh well, maybe I’ll do more today.
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    doggy caps 

    I know this may sound a bit frivolous but yesterday I spent most of the day crocheting  doggy caps, complete with holes for the ears.  I found the pattern on a Japanese site, Clover, they have free patterns for crochet and knit but in Japan it’s all the same.  They even have some simple sewing patterns.  So with it all in Japanese, I used Google Translate to try to understand the patterns.  Sometimes even with the translations it was hard to understand because of the different sentence structure.  But they did have universal symbols on their chart so I got the pattern that way.  Finding out the size hook and yarn was another story and a lot of translations and cross referencing with other sites.  So I did try them in different yarns but same size hook.  Now I just need a dog to try them on, maybe my cat?  Here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty.
    • The Yarn Nerd 3:28 pm on May 2, 2006 Permalink | Reply

      Sooo Cuuuute!!! I am searching their site now in hopes of finding them!

  • sandy 7:33 am on November 13, 2005 Permalink | Reply  

    No electricity 

    Yesterday (Saturday) the electricity went off at 7:30 in the morning, thought it might go back a few hours later like it usually does.  Went to work, partner called in sick, didn’t feel like working after that so I went and helped a friend fix her garbage disposal.  Found that it was a faulty switch and fixed that for her.  She said that someone came in to fix her garbage disposal and replaced it but then told her that she needed an electrician to maybe look a the the switch since the disposal still didn’t work.  Doesn’t that reek of a woman being taken advantage of?  Now I’m thinking of starting a business just so people like that don’t get ripped off.  Her disposal probably was still okay.  And the worse part is that he left out of there leaving her high and dry, out some money and at the same place she was before. 
    Well I felt good that I helped her and it was simple.  Didn’t charge her anything. 
    Sometimes things that seem to have no purpose in retrospect comes all comes together.
    Take my not wanting to work that day, I got to help someone, and then had time to get a haircut.  Called my friend to cut may hair and she took me in about an hour later.  It was a great time to talk and catch up with what was happening.  In talking to her I found that she was going through the same thing I was, in starting her business and quitting a job that was guaranteed income.  She opted for the job that required more faith in God on her part but more time with her daughter and more time with church.  We talked about requiring more faith in following where God is leading rather than staying with the safe and guaranteed.  But talk to my husband about the risks and I think he’d rather the guaranteed instead of the risk of not meeting bills.  But hey, that is where faith comes in and beleiving that God wants good things for us.
    Just though I’d throw in this photo of my grandbaby and his first carved pumpkin and my hubby’s first carved pumpkin too.
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    Ergo bag 

    Well, I finished!  Taadaa!  They call it the ergo bag and I actually finished it on saturday.  The hardest part was sewing the cloth, it was a type of oilcloth, I think that’s what they call it, it was like a plastic infused cloth.  Then when I showed my friend the finished product and told of how hard it was to sew, she said I should have used a denim needle on the sewing machine.  I didn’t even think of that.  Then when I showed another friend the bag  she said you should sell them.  I told her I only make one of a kinds.  It took me too long to make and I’d never make any money and no one would appreciate it as much as me so, I make them just for art.  How does that sound?  Well tell me what you think.
  • sandy 11:01 am on November 2, 2005 Permalink | Reply  

    pattern maker 

    I was so excited when I found this site on the web, wildginger.  They have a free program than you can download with just registering.  It can print out sewing patterns for bags, hats, and wraps.  It also allows you to alter the size.  You print out the pattern and then tape them together and voila!  You have a full size pattern.  I’m making an ergonomic bag, you know the kind they call the kidney bag.  Now I have something to use my fabric from Japan on.  I’ll take a photo of the bag when I’m done.
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