No electricity

Yesterday (Saturday) the electricity went off at 7:30 in the morning, thought it might go back a few hours later like it usually does.  Went to work, partner called in sick, didn’t feel like working after that so I went and helped a friend fix her garbage disposal.  Found that it was a faulty switch and fixed that for her.  She said that someone came in to fix her garbage disposal and replaced it but then told her that she needed an electrician to maybe look a the the switch since the disposal still didn’t work.  Doesn’t that reek of a woman being taken advantage of?  Now I’m thinking of starting a business just so people like that don’t get ripped off.  Her disposal probably was still okay.  And the worse part is that he left out of there leaving her high and dry, out some money and at the same place she was before. 
Well I felt good that I helped her and it was simple.  Didn’t charge her anything. 
Sometimes things that seem to have no purpose in retrospect comes all comes together.
Take my not wanting to work that day, I got to help someone, and then had time to get a haircut.  Called my friend to cut may hair and she took me in about an hour later.  It was a great time to talk and catch up with what was happening.  In talking to her I found that she was going through the same thing I was, in starting her business and quitting a job that was guaranteed income.  She opted for the job that required more faith in God on her part but more time with her daughter and more time with church.  We talked about requiring more faith in following where God is leading rather than staying with the safe and guaranteed.  But talk to my husband about the risks and I think he’d rather the guaranteed instead of the risk of not meeting bills.  But hey, that is where faith comes in and beleiving that God wants good things for us.
Just though I’d throw in this photo of my grandbaby and his first carved pumpkin and my hubby’s first carved pumpkin too.