doggy caps

I know this may sound a bit frivolous but yesterday I spent most of the day crocheting  doggy caps, complete with holes for the ears.  I found the pattern on a Japanese site, Clover, they have free patterns for crochet and knit but in Japan it’s all the same.  They even have some simple sewing patterns.  So with it all in Japanese, I used Google Translate to try to understand the patterns.  Sometimes even with the translations it was hard to understand because of the different sentence structure.  But they did have universal symbols on their chart so I got the pattern that way.  Finding out the size hook and yarn was another story and a lot of translations and cross referencing with other sites.  So I did try them in different yarns but same size hook.  Now I just need a dog to try them on, maybe my cat?  Here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty.