Okay, I promised myself that I would not go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.  I told myself that I didn’t want to get into the hype and buy stuff that I didn’t want or need.  So, I went to Home Depot.  Bought a new 6 foot ladder, screw gun holster, new tape measure, and a compressor with a brad nailer.  Okay so I bought some stuff that I really needed. 
On another note, I’ve been into scrapbooking, (I must have crafter’s ADHD huh?) I saw this old photo album of my younger daughter, you know the kind with the sticky paper and you put the photo and put down the clear plastic on it.  Yeah the photos were getting yellow, especially on the edges.  Took them all off, put them in order, and am in the process of putting them in a scrapbook.  I’m getting pretty lazy about it, I used to put them on different colored backgrounds and stickers and other stuff but then put photos but now I just put different background papers and then the photos and some writing and that’s it.  Oh well, maybe I’ll do more today.