feverishly making xmas gifts 

Okay, I haven’t written anything in a while, I’ve been feverishly making Xmas gifts.  I made another skateboarders beanie, this time in grey and black for a friend in Colorado.  I did remember where I got the pattern from.   I think he will like it, I even washed and dried it to make sure that it would look okay.  I usually do that with all I make and give away.
I also make a simple backpack for a friends daughter and had it embroidered with their group name.  I thought it looked pretty plain in just canvas and didn’t think the canvas would close good at the top so I added some pretty material with cute turtles on it.  I hope she likes it.
And I also decided to give gifts that are my favorite things, (almost like Martha Stewart’s good things).  One is my favorite local made BBQ sauce.  The next is my hand crocheted dishcloth that I really love, it lasts almost forever and can be thrown in the washer too.  I got the pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.  The only thing I did different was making it in Red Heart Multicolor acrylic yarn instead of cotton yarn.  I liked the acrylic cause it lasted longer, dried quicker and didn’t start to smell like the cotton ones. 
I also bought some Glad Press n Seal, I love that stuff.  Covers better than plastic wrap, and makes a really great seal. 
That’s my favorite thing so far, I’m still thinking of other stuff.