In Memory of Princess

I had to put my  precious cat Princess to sleep Nov. 27.  She was over 9 years old but started getting sickly and had incontinence.  I had to keep her in cat cage for most of the day until I came home.  She was not happy and one day when I was bathing her (she used to like it, it calmed her down) she bit me rather hard and I had to go to Emergency the next day to get antibiotics.  I still have nerve damage to my right hand which bothers me a lot.  It also brought on carpal tunnel syndrome.  That day was a wake up call, I had been putting it off for some time knowing she was not happy.  I finally made up my mind to put her to sleep and it was the hardest decision I had to make.  I’d waver from no to yes but ultimately I had to think of her.  I got her when she was a baby and had to bottle feed her so it made this extra hard to see her go.  On that day, I just remember her sedated, and holding her head in my hand and stroking her head telling her how sorry I was and how much I loved her.  I don’t know how many buckets of water I cried at the vet but my husband was there to support me and was teary eyed also. 
This is in remembrance of Princess August 1997 – November 27, 2006.