Being green

I used to buy bottled water not because it tasted better, actually our water is better than bottled since I have pure hawaiian water, but it was just convenient.  Then I saw a Nalgene bottle at Walmart.  It came with 10 packets of crystal light and a new type of Nalgene OTG (on the go).  It was perfect!  I didn’t like the regular Nalgene bottles, too much trouble to unsrew the top when you are in the car.  But this one was like a pop and flip.  You could even depress the rubber top and shake something in it without leaking.  And the cost was only $6.42 at Walmart.  I snapped one up and thought I’d try it.  The only thing I didn’t like was pool of condensation that was left.  Since it’s so humid here, I had pools of "sweat" everywhere.  I solved that problem by making a nalgene otg cozy.  I started out with one pattern then gradually changed it and made it better.  I really love it!  The variegated yarn makes nice swirls!
Here is the pattern:

Crochet nalgene OTG cup cozy


  1. Using Slip Start Loopas start ring, 10 sc in ring, tighten ring, sl st in top of sc or use a marker and continue.

  2. 2 sc in each sc around (20 sc)

  3. 2 sc, 1 sc around (30 sc)

  4. continue even around until about 20 rows or more.

  5. Sc in front stitch of sc around, sl st to first sc.

  6. Sc in back stitch, sl st to first st. end.

  7. Weave in ends.