New project

I’m supposed to start on my storage shed, those that you buy from Sears and made of metal and you put em together by yourself.  I started out with good intentions, after all, I’ve had the darn thing for a year now.  I figured the steps, make the foundation for the floor, got to be level, the put up the shed.  I’m stuck at leveling the foundation.  Seems I have concrete most of my back yard.  You can see from the birds photo.  and it’s not level but slopes.  Well, I had good intentions but, UH/Floriday game was at my Uncles house down the road (he had pay per view) and they weren’t going to be home and they said Sure, come watch the game.  Then Kawika had a baseball game at 1:00 pm.  Well there went the plans.  May have to start again on monday since it’s a holiday.
So anyway, I decided to make a card with the new stamps I bought online at Cat’s Pajamas, kinda cute retro looking.  Took me about 3 hours of thinking, color matching, stamping, thinking, looking, etc, etc.  And here it is.  I think the first one is always the longest.  Will have to write the steps down.