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  • sandy 11:31 pm on September 23, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    We’re baaaaack 

    We’re back from our holiday.  My aunt took us to Americana Mall in Glendale.  A real nice upscale open mall complete with a water fountain show and music.  Click on the picture above to see it.  I got to go to Chicos.  Remembered the commercials so I wanted to check it out.  Very colorful collections, moderately priced but not cheap.  We spent the first day shopping, and shopping, going to Michael’s, Target, and Penneys.  All of them not at Hawaii yet, Target will be soon. 
    We spent some time with my cousins and her children.  It was fun to catch up on what’s been happening and marveled at how much the kids have grown. 
    Next day we set out to San Luis Obispo, about 4 hours drive.  Dawn and Roger were the drivers.   Rode on the Pacific Coast Highway. and saw Morrow Rock and Bay. 
    At the party we spent more time with cousins we just hear about.  Even met some I’ve never known.  Learned a lot about my Grand Uncle, who was a Pearl Harbor survivor.  Saw a hummingbird for the first time! 
    Hummingbird feeder;  Uncle Jimmy;  Me and Kawika at Morro Bay
    We got to eat at Red Robin,    
     Came back to LA and did more shopping.  Bought a lot of yarn at Michaels and even had my Aunt give me another suitcase.  
    I ate Thai food for the first time and really liked it. 
    The highlight was seeing a traffic accident on the highway while going to the airport.  It was a good thing we were going early since it look us 45 more minutes. 
    We had a great time, the kids are staying 4 more days and will go to a theme park and a Dodgers game. 
    Now need to recuperate since I caught a cold there.  Only 11 more days till Japan! 
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    Yes I’ve been crocheting 

    Even with all the stuff I have, I’ve been on standby as well as regular work for the past 2 weeks, I still manage to get some crocheting in. 
    The other night I went to Waikiki on a call to help my partner, someone whacked this pole and we were assessing whether to take it down or if it was okay to stay up.
    A little dark but it was 10 at night.  Seems it was stable enough to stay and we let street lighting think of what to do since it was their pole with our traffic signal on it.
    Anyway, I’ve been crocheting stuff that looks interesting.  I love Craftzine, I check their site almost daily looking for interesting stuff, and they don’t only have craft stuff they also have recipes.  I made this Muppet eyeglass holder, didn’t think it would come out almost as big as a real head but it is cute.  Think I"ll put some beans in it to hold it down better next time. 
    Midnight’s tail got into the picture.
    My daughter says this is Professor Bunsen Honeydew.
    I’m working on some Amigurumi (small crocheted animals) here are some of the books that I have, most are from Amazon.com.
    Yeah, I tend to buy a lot of books.  Think I’ll go find something to crochet.

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    Stuff, stuff, and more stuff 

    Been busy, haven’t blogged for a while.  my cat has been peeing in the sink, funny cause only when she is sick like the last time with Urinary Tract Infection does she do that.  You think she does it so I can tell that her pee is pink?  Smart kitty huh?  Took her to the vet, took off one day, had to go as a walk in, cost $120.00, have to give her medicine twice a day.  She’s feeling better now and right in time for our trip to CA.  Still have to find someone to look in on them everyday. 
    Here she is, Rog always have to take them out of his office.  He say’s she takes up the whole desk and if not her then the other one.
  • sandy 8:29 am on September 6, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    weekend stuff 

    Well, it’s another weekend, time to think of projects to do.  My sunburn was so bad that now it’s blistery and should be peeling soon.  
    I started thinking on what to do with today, kinda didn’t want to just waste my whole day on the computer (which I often do). 
    I made some lanvender scone!  Sounds like a Martha Stewart thing huh?  Well, I cheated.  Jill bought this lavendar scone mix when she went on vacation to Maui with her now ex-boyfriend.  It’s been sitting on the shelf for about 6 months and I look at it and think, one day I’ll make them.  Today is the day, only thing, just me and hubby are home.  And they were easy and good.  The smell is wonderful, love the smell of lavendar.  It probably a hang-over from my brief college days.  Yeah, those were the days.  Anyway, she bought them from a lavendar farm in upcountry Kula, Maui.  Alii Kula Lavender has a great website and the stuff she brought home all smelled heavenly.  The strawberry syrup has Kula strawberries, sugar, water and lavender, that’s it!  And it tasted oh sooo good on the scones.  Want some?  They have a booth at the KCC Farmer’s Market in Kaimuki.  When there I aways stop by their booth for free samples and free smells. 
    What’s neat about the Farmer’s Market is that everything sold there must be made or grown in Hawaii.  And what’s better is they always have free samples.  They’re only open on Saturdays from 7:30 – 11am.  Check out their website, they list the vendors and food menu. 
    Th scones look pretty ugly but are they good!            This is the bag the mix came in.
  • sandy 5:06 pm on September 4, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Coming clean with the backyard project 

    I haven’t come clean about this past weekend’s project.  I started out with good intentions.  I have all weekend to start the storage shed (shich I bought about 1 year ago from Sears) it’s a metal 10 ft X 8ft shed.  The problem was, I had to figure what kind of foundation to make.  The concrete is not level so will have to level that out or make something that would be easy to level.  So with good intentions, the weekend started.  Oh, gotta watch the UH vs Florida football game and my uncle’s house (He has pay per view).  It was miserable cause they lost 10 to 56.  Then,Kawika had a baseball game, his last one so I had to go.  Then while returning something to Ben Franklin, there was a bunch of tables with demonstrations, make and take it.  Oh well there goes Saturday.  Sunday is a given that it’s church almost all day.  Then mom’s house for dinner at 5 pm.  So that leaves Monday, oh goodie maybe we can salvage something yet.  Roger started out, asking what he had to do.  I told him to start pressure washing the concrete tile blocks (that I had for 5 years, I got them free from my friend, 3 truckloads).  That proved to be a project in itself.  They’ve been there so long and it’s damp here so there was a lot of green stuff growing on them.  And I had to restack the pile to make way for the shed.  Roger offered to restack but I thought he was more suited to pressure washing.  So from the morning to about 3 pm we were pressure washing and restacking.  And it was a nice and sunny day.  So that was all we got done for the shed, restacking the tile.
    This is how it looks after, clean restacked tile from left side to right and the cleared area for the shed.
    One thing I forgot was to put sunscreen, and I had a camisole type t-shirt on.
    Yeah, it’s as sore as it looks.  I’ve been suffering for 3 days now and had a hard time sleeping because it’s so sore.  So today I’m talking to my partner about my sore sunburn and he say’s " Hey you should get this spray, lanacane or something like that.  When I get sunburn I use that cause I get rash too".  How come he didn’t tell me 3 days ago.  So today I went to Walmart and bought some Solarcaine and it’s like magic. 
    Needless to say since I went to Walmart I couldn’t resist getting some goodies, to make myself feel better.
    Just about everything I could get, yarn, couple of edge punches, 2 stacks of printed paper, recycled of course, pkg of rhinestone brads, pipecleaners and googley eyes.  Yup, I think I’m set.  I’ll post what I made out them.
  • sandy 9:35 pm on September 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Boys can crochet! 

    I’m teaching Kawika how to crochet.  He’s doing pretty good.  A little loosey goosey but he can do a single crochet stitch.  Poor thing, the only thing I can teach him is how to do crafts.  He seems to like them, gives him a break from baseball and all the athletics.
  • sandy 8:50 pm on September 1, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Lady bug, lady bug … 

    Okay, I set out to work ALL this weekend on my storage shed.  Well, things just don’t workout like you want huh?  Saturday we went to my auntie’s house to watch UH be beaten by Floriday (it’s only on pay per view now). That was at 6:30 in the morning (we didn’t go till 7:30).  Then Kawika had his last baseball game, I went a little late but was just in time to watch him hit a homerun!  He did really good, too bad they didn’t win.  Oh well, when they are that young that kinda doesn’t matter since they get trophies and goodies!  Then I went to Ben Franklin to return something and what do you know? they had all kinds of make and take (for a fee) and demonstations.  I got interested in this lady making a crocheted amigurumi ladybug.  Amigurumis are really easy cause they only use single crochet.  Anyway, she made one and I took down the instructions and printed it out.  And lucky you get to see it! 
    Cute huh?  it’s sitting on my mom’s microwave so it’s kinda little.  I think it’ll be good for a pin or a magnet. 
    Here are the instructions:

    Crocheted Amigurumi Lady Bug

    Body: With Red,

    Row 1:   Ch 2, 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook

    Row 2:   Join, ch 1, 2 sc in each sc. 10 st.

    Row 3:   Join, ch 1, 2 sc, 1 sc, repeat around. 15 Sc.

    Row 4:   Join, ch 1, 2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, repeat around. 20 sc.

    Row 5:   Join, ch 1, work even around

    Row 6:   Join, ch 1, work even around.

    Row 7:   Join, ch 1 work even around. ( Now is a good time to stuff the lady bug’s body)

    Row 8:   Join, ch 1, working in back looks only, sc in every other sc,

    Row 9:   Join, ch 1 , sc in every other sc, keep going around  till only 1 sc left.

    Secure, weave in end.

    Head: With Black,

    Row 1:   Ch 2, 5 sc in 2nd chain from hook.

    Row 2:   Join, ch 1, 2 sc in each sc. 10 sc.

    Row 3:   Join, ch 1, work even around. 10 sc.

    Row 4:   Join, end, leave a long tail for sewing.

    Putting it together:

    Cut a 2 inch piece of black pipe cleaner, bend in half and curl ends.

    Sew the head onto the body, after a stitch, straddle the pipe cleaner in between the stitch and continue sewing the head on.

    Using blk yarn, sew the spots by making 3 stitches per spot. Weave in ends.

    Glue 2 googley eyes to head.


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