Coming clean with the backyard project

I haven’t come clean about this past weekend’s project.  I started out with good intentions.  I have all weekend to start the storage shed (shich I bought about 1 year ago from Sears) it’s a metal 10 ft X 8ft shed.  The problem was, I had to figure what kind of foundation to make.  The concrete is not level so will have to level that out or make something that would be easy to level.  So with good intentions, the weekend started.  Oh, gotta watch the UH vs Florida football game and my uncle’s house (He has pay per view).  It was miserable cause they lost 10 to 56.  Then,Kawika had a baseball game, his last one so I had to go.  Then while returning something to Ben Franklin, there was a bunch of tables with demonstrations, make and take it.  Oh well there goes Saturday.  Sunday is a given that it’s church almost all day.  Then mom’s house for dinner at 5 pm.  So that leaves Monday, oh goodie maybe we can salvage something yet.  Roger started out, asking what he had to do.  I told him to start pressure washing the concrete tile blocks (that I had for 5 years, I got them free from my friend, 3 truckloads).  That proved to be a project in itself.  They’ve been there so long and it’s damp here so there was a lot of green stuff growing on them.  And I had to restack the pile to make way for the shed.  Roger offered to restack but I thought he was more suited to pressure washing.  So from the morning to about 3 pm we were pressure washing and restacking.  And it was a nice and sunny day.  So that was all we got done for the shed, restacking the tile.
This is how it looks after, clean restacked tile from left side to right and the cleared area for the shed.
One thing I forgot was to put sunscreen, and I had a camisole type t-shirt on.
Yeah, it’s as sore as it looks.  I’ve been suffering for 3 days now and had a hard time sleeping because it’s so sore.  So today I’m talking to my partner about my sore sunburn and he say’s " Hey you should get this spray, lanacane or something like that.  When I get sunburn I use that cause I get rash too".  How come he didn’t tell me 3 days ago.  So today I went to Walmart and bought some Solarcaine and it’s like magic. 
Needless to say since I went to Walmart I couldn’t resist getting some goodies, to make myself feel better.
Just about everything I could get, yarn, couple of edge punches, 2 stacks of printed paper, recycled of course, pkg of rhinestone brads, pipecleaners and googley eyes.  Yup, I think I’m set.  I’ll post what I made out them.