Yes I’ve been crocheting

Even with all the stuff I have, I’ve been on standby as well as regular work for the past 2 weeks, I still manage to get some crocheting in. 
The other night I went to Waikiki on a call to help my partner, someone whacked this pole and we were assessing whether to take it down or if it was okay to stay up.
A little dark but it was 10 at night.  Seems it was stable enough to stay and we let street lighting think of what to do since it was their pole with our traffic signal on it.
Anyway, I’ve been crocheting stuff that looks interesting.  I love Craftzine, I check their site almost daily looking for interesting stuff, and they don’t only have craft stuff they also have recipes.  I made this Muppet eyeglass holder, didn’t think it would come out almost as big as a real head but it is cute.  Think I"ll put some beans in it to hold it down better next time. 
Midnight’s tail got into the picture.
My daughter says this is Professor Bunsen Honeydew.
I’m working on some Amigurumi (small crocheted animals) here are some of the books that I have, most are from
Yeah, I tend to buy a lot of books.  Think I’ll go find something to crochet.