We’re baaaaack

We’re back from our holiday.  My aunt took us to Americana Mall in Glendale.  A real nice upscale open mall complete with a water fountain show and music.  Click on the picture above to see it.  I got to go to Chicos.  Remembered the commercials so I wanted to check it out.  Very colorful collections, moderately priced but not cheap.  We spent the first day shopping, and shopping, going to Michael’s, Target, and Penneys.  All of them not at Hawaii yet, Target will be soon. 
We spent some time with my cousins and her children.  It was fun to catch up on what’s been happening and marveled at how much the kids have grown. 
Next day we set out to San Luis Obispo, about 4 hours drive.  Dawn and Roger were the drivers.   Rode on the Pacific Coast Highway. and saw Morrow Rock and Bay. 
At the party we spent more time with cousins we just hear about.  Even met some I’ve never known.  Learned a lot about my Grand Uncle, who was a Pearl Harbor survivor.  Saw a hummingbird for the first time! 
Hummingbird feeder;  Uncle Jimmy;  Me and Kawika at Morro Bay
We got to eat at Red Robin,    
 Came back to LA and did more shopping.  Bought a lot of yarn at Michaels and even had my Aunt give me another suitcase.  
I ate Thai food for the first time and really liked it. 
The highlight was seeing a traffic accident on the highway while going to the airport.  It was a good thing we were going early since it look us 45 more minutes. 
We had a great time, the kids are staying 4 more days and will go to a theme park and a Dodgers game. 
Now need to recuperate since I caught a cold there.  Only 11 more days till Japan!