Interesting Japan stuff

Some interesting stuff are, the toilets.  This is the controls for the bidet part of the toilet seat.  They are pretty easy to understand and they wash pretty well. I kinda liked them.  That fresh clean feeling.
Sumiko-san bought me a bottle of Ramune.  It’s soda in a bottle, but the bottle is very different shaped and here is a marble that acts as a stopper that doesn’t come out.  At first I didn’t know what to make of it.  Didn’t know how to pop it open.  And when it was open, didn’t know how to keep the marble from stopping the soda flow.  Eventually I figured it out.  But it was fun and I thought there was so much thought put into the bottle.  So, I kept it.  Maybe I can make a bell out of it.
And still another toilet find.  This toilet was in the men’s bathroom of the church in Hakodate.  Roger first went in and only saw a urinal.  He didn’t see any faucet to wash up or anything.  Then he opened the stall door and saw this, a toilet with a faucet attached on the top.  It runs after you flush.  The fill water goes through the faucet and into the tank.  Ingenious huh?  He let me peek into the men’s restroom. 
Not sure how well you can see this photo.  It was taken outside of the railway/subway station.  These are homeless men, living in cardboard boxes under the cover of a stairway overhang.  As you can see it’s so neat and the men sleep inside of the cardboard box enclosrue with their slippers neatly put outside.
Here’s something I thought was wonderful.  In the station, along with all the modern dress , there were a few women in traditional kimonos.   They look so beautiful, and so did the kimonos.