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  • sandy 4:55 am on November 23, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    The Rain the cats and other things. 

    This weekend has been the typical Hawaii winter weather, rain.  Kinda gloomy skies and constant rain for 2 days.  The earth they say is saturated so chance of flooding.  So we’ve been stuck indoors.  We did get to go to Samsclub yesterday with Kawika.  We are babysitting since his Mommy went to Maui for a softball tournament.  We had a ball at Samsclub, ate all the samples, bought a bunch of Christmas presents, and had lunch there.  Made soup for dinner, simmering it all day.  Consisted of beef bone, carrots, celery, and later, watercress, tofu, and seaweed.  I made somen noodles to go with it too.  We each had a big bowl, ahh that hit the spot.  Days like this reminds me of winter in the states.  It must make people crazy to be home bound for days.  I love Hawaii! 
    My cats are happy about this cause we are home.  You know how it is with kids and boxes?  You give them toys and all they want to play with are the boxes.  When the kitties were kittens, Dawn and I made a paper box tower like those cat trees out of paper boxes and duct tape.  We’ve had it for about 2 years now.  A year ago I bought, second hand a cat tree that you attach to the wall, with nice places to hide and carpet and everything.  And wouldn’t you know it, they still like the box tree and hardly play with the super duper one.
    The top box is breaking cause Midnight is too big for it.  But that doesn’t bother her.  She loves to perch on it.  We even put a scratching pad on the side. 
    And see the nice new one?  All lonely and sitting by itself. 
  • sandy 8:28 pm on November 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    More deconstruction and presents! 

    Okay, more demo work, countertop and window.  Now the hard part, the thinking is still going on.  Had to call one of my contractor friends and confer with him.  He said do the hard way, but the better way.  I guess more work now.
    I went to the NBC Exhibition Hall on saturday and guess who I saw.  Yes Elvis!  I told my husband and he said, oh, what an impersonator?  No really Elvis, he’s there all the time.  Then I told him it was a statue and he didn’t even know about him.  It was there over a year, maybe 2. 
    Oh and Presents:
    My daughter went to Shirokiya today and bought me something that I wanted ever since coming back from Japan.  Not sure how long I will use it but I’ll take a stab at it.
    It’s a tsukemono maker.  I was using a tub and a plate and some weights.  A big setup.  Now I can just use this.  You know I used to have one of these things 30 years ago.  I wonder where it went?
  • sandy 10:15 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Guess what this is. 

    Okay, guess what this is. 
  • sandy 10:07 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply  


    I started deconstructing my kitchen.  It all started when I saw the cooktop I was looking for on sale at the Sears Outlet.  It was just the size I wanted 30" and the color – black.  That sat in the back of my truck (covered) for over a week.  Then I went off of being on call and had to drive my truck again.  So, the deconstruction started. 

    This how it started out.  Then the next is when I took out the window and part of the bottom cabinet. I’m kinda stuck here cause I have to figure how to close up the window area and make it like a wall so I can mount wall cabinets there.  I’ts going rather slow.  I really don’t want to demo everything and then don’t know what to do and have no kitchen till I figure out how it do it.  Okay here is the thinking part.  Will go and finish my pickling of cabbage for now, and suf the net.
  • sandy 11:54 am on November 1, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Crocheting again. 

    When I was in Japan I picked up some crochet books.  Neat thing is that you don’t need to know how to read Japanese.  They have great diagrams and even sites that give you the japanese words that need to know and translate it.  This book was on making seat cushions, all kinds.  I started making this one.  And thought it was a neat project cause I could use all my left over yarn.
    Oh about the Tsukemono book.  After the trip to Japan, it made me think how unhealthy we eat so I started looking for recipes for more healthy meals.  One thing that intrigued me was pickled vegetable.  Roger loves that, all those little dishes and a bowl of rice.  My mom never made much pickled veggies, probably cause she is Chinese and she cooked more chinese and american food than japanese food.  So, I bought this book from Amazon.com which probably saved me money cause it was discounted and there was free shipping (I did order more stuff).  It’s a pretty good book with lots of pictures (I like that).  I’m thinking on making a trek to Don Quixote (formerly Daiei) to look at some pickle making accessories. 
  • sandy 11:42 am on November 1, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    construction on my back yard 

    I decided (and of course Roger approved) to get a contractor to bust up all the concrete in the back that surrounded a used to be pool and discard the concrete so we can plan some grass and prevent flooding of the back part of our house.  This is how it used to look.
    And this is how it looks now.
    Just dirt, lots of roots, rocks, and more dirt.  Had to divert the rainwater so it wouldn’t mud up.
    So now starts a new project.  GRASS!  I told Roger to study up on grass, what kind, how to, etc, etc.  He’s not really an outside person, let alone the yard.  It does look bigger now. 
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