Crocheting again.

When I was in Japan I picked up some crochet books.  Neat thing is that you don’t need to know how to read Japanese.  They have great diagrams and even sites that give you the japanese words that need to know and translate it.  This book was on making seat cushions, all kinds.  I started making this one.  And thought it was a neat project cause I could use all my left over yarn.
Oh about the Tsukemono book.  After the trip to Japan, it made me think how unhealthy we eat so I started looking for recipes for more healthy meals.  One thing that intrigued me was pickled vegetable.  Roger loves that, all those little dishes and a bowl of rice.  My mom never made much pickled veggies, probably cause she is Chinese and she cooked more chinese and american food than japanese food.  So, I bought this book from which probably saved me money cause it was discounted and there was free shipping (I did order more stuff).  It’s a pretty good book with lots of pictures (I like that).  I’m thinking on making a trek to Don Quixote (formerly Daiei) to look at some pickle making accessories.