I started deconstructing my kitchen.  It all started when I saw the cooktop I was looking for on sale at the Sears Outlet.  It was just the size I wanted 30" and the color – black.  That sat in the back of my truck (covered) for over a week.  Then I went off of being on call and had to drive my truck again.  So, the deconstruction started. 

This how it started out.  Then the next is when I took out the window and part of the bottom cabinet. I’m kinda stuck here cause I have to figure how to close up the window area and make it like a wall so I can mount wall cabinets there.  I’ts going rather slow.  I really don’t want to demo everything and then don’t know what to do and have no kitchen till I figure out how it do it.  Okay here is the thinking part.  Will go and finish my pickling of cabbage for now, and suf the net.