More deconstruction and presents!

Okay, more demo work, countertop and window.  Now the hard part, the thinking is still going on.  Had to call one of my contractor friends and confer with him.  He said do the hard way, but the better way.  I guess more work now.
I went to the NBC Exhibition Hall on saturday and guess who I saw.  Yes Elvis!  I told my husband and he said, oh, what an impersonator?  No really Elvis, he’s there all the time.  Then I told him it was a statue and he didn’t even know about him.  It was there over a year, maybe 2. 
Oh and Presents:
My daughter went to Shirokiya today and bought me something that I wanted ever since coming back from Japan.  Not sure how long I will use it but I’ll take a stab at it.
It’s a tsukemono maker.  I was using a tub and a plate and some weights.  A big setup.  Now I can just use this.  You know I used to have one of these things 30 years ago.  I wonder where it went?