The Rain the cats and other things.

This weekend has been the typical Hawaii winter weather, rain.  Kinda gloomy skies and constant rain for 2 days.  The earth they say is saturated so chance of flooding.  So we’ve been stuck indoors.  We did get to go to Samsclub yesterday with Kawika.  We are babysitting since his Mommy went to Maui for a softball tournament.  We had a ball at Samsclub, ate all the samples, bought a bunch of Christmas presents, and had lunch there.  Made soup for dinner, simmering it all day.  Consisted of beef bone, carrots, celery, and later, watercress, tofu, and seaweed.  I made somen noodles to go with it too.  We each had a big bowl, ahh that hit the spot.  Days like this reminds me of winter in the states.  It must make people crazy to be home bound for days.  I love Hawaii! 
My cats are happy about this cause we are home.  You know how it is with kids and boxes?  You give them toys and all they want to play with are the boxes.  When the kitties were kittens, Dawn and I made a paper box tower like those cat trees out of paper boxes and duct tape.  We’ve had it for about 2 years now.  A year ago I bought, second hand a cat tree that you attach to the wall, with nice places to hide and carpet and everything.  And wouldn’t you know it, they still like the box tree and hardly play with the super duper one.
The top box is breaking cause Midnight is too big for it.  But that doesn’t bother her.  She loves to perch on it.  We even put a scratching pad on the side. 
And see the nice new one?  All lonely and sitting by itself.