It’s winter in Hawaii

I’ve been sick for a week, started right after Black Friday.  Didn’t feel too well, and when I woke up at 4:30 am to stand in line at Walmart, I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and twisted by right ankle and scraped my left knee.  This year my daughters were each doing their own shopping so I went by myself.  After waiting an hour, I was in the store, got a wagon and picked up some appliances that were $4.00, a media stick for my daughter’s boyfriend, and printer for my sister.  I walked around some more to find more things I saw in the paper.  Parked my wagon around the corner and picked up a mixer for $4.00.  Came back to the wagon and it was gone.  I thought it was the wrong aisle so I went down each aisle and no wagon.  Someone STOLE my wagon!!  With so much people there I couldn’t go back and get another wagon.  I picked up the mixer, another media stick and waited in line to check out, that was another 1/2 hour.  Feeling no satisfaction, I went home.
Next day I was sick and 7 more days after that.  Cougjhed so much my ribs were sore.  Got well enough by Friday to take my daughter and grandson to the Mayor’s Christmas party for employees.  Saturday had dinner at Michels’ in Waikiki for our anniversary.  Sunday there was a funeral at night for one of our dear friends from church.  Monday, dinner at Roger’s friend’s house.  Tuesday, I got my molar pulled.  And today is Wednesday and I’m on a soft food diet.  Oh forgot about the water line in my backyard that my husband inadvertantly dig up with the pick last week.  Had to rush outside, while I was sick, and cut, crimp, and solder the pipe.  All this and in just over a week.
We did have a nice anniversary dinner, with views of the sunset, it was beautiful.  The food was rich and good, we were stuffed after. 
I’m starting on making socks for my dear friends.  They get it if it comes out okay.  Hope I can make it for Christmas!