Christmas in Hawaii

xmas 2008 letter.pdf

I finally finshed my Christmas letter and since I only do it once a year, I forget what program I used and how I sent it to all my friends and family.  I finally remembered! You’d think I’d write it down someplace but I probably forget where I put that too.  Anyway, click on the link above to download it via pdf format.
It’s Christmas morning and it’s cold (62 degrees) and the wind is blowing.  It’s a perfectly typical winter day here. 
As I sit here in the dark trying to connect with everyone, my mind drifts to all the happenings of this year.  I think the moments that I cherish most is the times I have spent with family I have not seen for quite a while.  Times that I spent conversing on email to friends that I have not seen even from high school!  I find myself feeling so fortunate and richer because of these moments. 
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.