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Took Midnight to her annual checkup.  She’snow 12 3/4 lbs.  Not bad for a kitty that had renal failure after eating some lilies in a flower arraingement.  That was a year ago.  Now she’s all okay like nothing happened.  Anyway, her vet is dr something, 30-ish and real personable.  Started talking to him about training cats and he said he taught his cat to jump through a hoop.  Check out the video on top.  Isn’t it hilarious?  He also has him dancing with his cat.  Too funny.
More stuff:
While we were working on the other side of the island, I took pictures with my phone.  I thought it came out pretty good considering it was from a phone camera.  Boy nowadays they sure make some good sutff.
This is from Laie point.  A little known beach in Laie.  My partner said he’s been going there for years and the hole in the rock used to be really small, throught he years it’s grown with the surf action.  Neat huh?
This is a garden in the back of the City and County Haleiwa Base Yard.  My partner said the guy who works there and lives on the property has made it all nice through the years.  Don’t know where the peacocks came from but there was a bunch of them there, right is the midde is one on the rock and off to the right side is one sitting on the dirt.