Did you know it’s almost Easter?  Boy, where does the time go?  Ithink the older I get the faster the days go by, actually flying by to the big "you know what" day.  But alas we shall not go into that subject.  I went to Ben Franklins today to check out some crafts stuff that maybe I didn’t have, since I did have some time to kill.  I bought a Martha Stewart craft punch called hydrangeas.  Recently I’ve been really drawn to hydrangeas, plants, punches, pictures.  I think it’s one of those youth things.  My grandmother’s house up in Maui had big hydrangeas and whenever we’d go visit her on vacation, they’d be blooming, big bunches of light purple blue.   She’d have them by the side of her house and I guess the flowers just make me think of her.  Now I’m trying to plant some in my yard.  Anyway, I’m thinking of making cards with the punch.  But I think it’ll go into the container with all the rest of all the craft stuff I bought and didn’t have time to use. 
Well, it’s almost easter and I saw this cute craft on Craftzine.com.  They are crocheted easter pals that can double as egg cozies.
Aren’t they just the cutest?  And they have the instructions too.  I want to make this but I’m thinking I won’t be done till Christmas, oh well maybe I can make them for Christmas presents.