Got my Nintendo ds lite! (sort of)

Well I wanted the ds lite and couldn’t get myself to dish out 80 + bucks for a used one and bought a sewing machine instead (which I don’t need).  So my older daughter tells me, "Mom why don’t you ask Jill about her ds, she doesn’t use hers"  So I thought about it and called Jill and bragged about buying another machine and that it’s pretty good.  She started grumbling about her singer that it’s junk and hard to use.  So I ask her about her ds and she said she doesn’t use it much.  So I say, "Hey Jill how about we trade and you use the sewing machine and I use your ds?"  She said okay!   Sooooo, I got what I wanted and she got what she wanted and it all cost 20 bucks.  Boy, isn’t God good!
Now I just have to figure out how to play all the games.