New toy

Okay, I have been thinking of this for a while now, well maybe about 2 weeks.  I wanted an ipod touch.  My daughters have iphones and the ipod touch is similar but no phone.  I’ve looked how much they were, about $300.00 and wasn’t willing to dish that much out for something I’m not sure I’d like in the longrun.  I still love my ipod which has so much memory that I can put all of my music, old and new on and still have space for some movies.  It came in handy when on the plane. 
Anyway, I’ve been looking at second hand ones, they still command like $200.00.  Then my sister’s friend’s neice (whew, that was a mouthfull) was selling her old one since she’s got a new iphone now.  She showed it to me on sunday at Mom’s house. The back is a little beat up, has lots of memory, 16G., is a little older model – first generation, but the screen is all intact and worked great.  I paid $150.00 for it and am now updating the software in it and looking for free applications. 
It can use wi fi and can sinc with my home cordless internet service.  Of course I have a password on my service.  But, I used it yesterday when we were looking for where the movie Up was.  We (Roger and me) took Kawika to see it.  By the way,  it was fun, a heartwarming movie, and put "seniors" and kids as hero!
Anyway, I really like the ipod touch, there are other things on it than only games.  I can get the weather report, places to eat, yellow pages, a language translator, to do lists and other neat stuff.  Not sure how it would be like away from home but I have an app on it to find the nearest wi fi location.  Boy what will they think of next? 
And oh by the way, I took time off this week to babysit Kawika since he is out of school already.  I asked Roger to stay with him but he didn’t want to since Kawika would be in control of him (Roger) all day.  Kawika has that effect on him.  It would be like having 2 kids home alone, oooh, what a thought.  So I have to be the voice of reason today.  Not sure about the rest of the week, will have to check on how much comp time I have left.
Oh well, back to my sewing, am trying to make new curtains for Kawika’s room, lined to keep out most of the sun.  And then back to my ipod.