Roger rabbit

Today Kawika and I went to Petco out in boonieland (Kapolei, just before Waianae).  He wanted to buy a leash and harness for Blackie (the cat).  Don’t know why cause I wasn’t about to let him take her out of the house and risk losing her.  After all she’s like the almost million dollar cat.  Well, couple thousand dollar cat anyway.  So we go there and look for a leash and harness which costs about $20.00 for both.  Then he calls out to me and asks, "When was Papa born?"  Wondering what he was up to, I just said January (I don’t think he needed to know how many decades before. 
This is why he wanted to know:
Rabbit, same name as Papa, same month of birth.
Isn’t that hilarious? 
Anyway, we put the harness on the poor cat and now she’s trying to get it off. 
And Princess is just cruising like usual.
Boys will be boys huh?
I wonder what’s in store for us tomorrow?
I’ll be sure to keep you posted.