my experience with knitting socks

I told my friend that I would show her my attempt at knitting socks.  This must have been about 6 months ago and I’d pick it up from time to time to add more stitches.  I tried to make it a small size but the toe part turned out wierd.  May have to rip it out and do that part again.  Anyway, I saw this yarn on the web and loved it.  Ordered it online and now I’m trying to think of what else I can do with it.
Anyway, here is the sock.
And this is the close up.
Maybe I’ll make a tube sock next time.
But what about the yarn?  Isn’t it marvelous?  It just comes that way and makes a pattern while you are knitting.  It’s specially made for socks.  Get it heart and sole?
Made of washable yarn
I just like seeing what kinds of patterns it will make.  I’m actually working on the other side.  Maybe I’ll make toe-less socks.