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    another new project 

    Okay, I know I’ve been saying that I was finishing off some projects but I’ve just gotten a new one.
    How does this look?  It’s a camper top for my Nissan Frontier.
    It looks pretty bad but I got this one free off of Craig’s List.  It actually is in pretty good condition.  The windows are all there and working.  It fits my truck pretty good.  Just needs a little fixing and I can attach it to my truck.  Just don’t know what to do with my other camper shell I got off of Craigslist.  It  didn’t fit very well, the body is good but the back window didn’t have  a bracket.  But, it was free too.  Guess I have another project now.
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    New Baby 

    These are my babies, grew them from a tiny orchid plant in a tiny square pot from Sam’s Club.  All I had was the name and the photo of what it was supposed to be and here they are.  Exactly what they supposed to look like. 

    Here’s another one that bloomed.  This was a plant that someone gave me and I had to keep it outside becasue of my kitties.  I thought it would just dies but I repotted it and now it’s bloomed. 

    I feel like a proud mama.

    I’m waiting for one more to bloom, when it does I’ll post it.


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    Finishing some projects 

    So I’ve been home one week now and looking for things to do,  feed my feril birds, watch feril chicks come and go, look for unfinished projects that maybe I can finish, and in between, checking to see how Kawika is doing.  I finished one project that I think looks pretty good. 
    Ta Daa:
    This is Kawika’s new curtains.  When he moved into Jill’s old room there was frilly seashell ones.  I asked him if he wanted new ones and what kind did he want.  He said he liked Sponge Bob Squarepants and showed me a sheet he had.  I went to Walmart to look at material and there was SpongeBob.  I lined it with dark blue material to keep out the light and made curtains for 1 window.  Then now, about 2 months later, I finished it!  The theme was good cause it matched the border wallpaper that we had up for Jill, kinda an ocean theme too.  He like the curtains cause it kept out the light (he wakes up early with the sun). 
    The star lamp was a leftover from Jill so we use it as a night light when he sleeps. 
    I also bought some wooden letters from Walmart and had Roger paint them, gloss them, and hang them up for him.
    Turned out pretty nice and personalized his room, especially since there are still some boxes and stuff leftover from Jill.
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    Remember C & K? 

    I just read my email from KITV new and Cecilio and Kapono is having a concert and to promote their concert they are giving away 2 new free songs on their web site. 
    http://www.kitv.com/tu/5Iw3XWO8i.html to check it out and click on http://www.ceciliokapono.com/downloads.htm to their web site and the free songs.  They sound pretty good!
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    Stuck at home 

    Well, I was planning on going to work on monday, (7/20) but Kawika started to get sick at 2 am.  Dawn didn’t have much vacation to stay home and I didn’t trust Roger staying home with Kawika by himself.  I stayed home and took him to the doctor the next day.  Seems he has some type of flu, don’t know if it is the H1 N1 flu,.  It takes about 2 weeks for the test results to come back and by then Kawika should be well, he is starting to get sitr crazy now and that is a big improvement from him just sleeping and not being hungry.  So, I’ve been home with him about a week and he’s been sleeping and watching tv for a week now. 
    Thursday was my day for doing errands, he was getting better and Roger could go into work later.  I went to a friend’s house to fix her light, then went to Home Depot to pick up some supplies.  Two hours later, I was finished with her light, (a little more fixing than I though) so I was off to Toysrus to look for an erector set with motors in it for Kawika.  This past summer he took some summer school classes  for Robotics and the Ocean.  He really like the robotics and had a beginners idea of how things work.  I was at Toysrus and since he was working with Lego sets, I though I’d look for them first.  Boy I didn’t know how much they cost.  A basic set was 300 some odd dollars.  So, I looked at all the stuff they had, especially the stuff on sale.  I picked up this Robotrixx set made my Struxx
    Isn’t that cook? 
    After picking that up, I went to Longs to get a refund, to my office to drop off a sympathy card (supposed to go funeral for a guy that I work with’s father that passed away), then to Zippy’s for burrito and chili for lunch.  By the time I got home it was 3:00 pm and I left at 10:00 am that morning.  Boy seemed like I went to work or something. 
    Getting that set was just the perfect thing for him and the whole family.  Kawika and I started it that day, he put it together and I helped get the pieces.  About 2 hours later we took a break.  Then yesterday we started it up before dinner, with Dawn helping, then Roger helping and then I started building some.  We got it together about 8pm and it worked, from the head moving side to side to the growl.  It even had a motion sensor!   All in all it was a good esperience and well worth the 35 bucks I paid.
    That’s Roger behind the while sheet, asking, "is that it?  Isn’t that enough?  My arms are getting tired"
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    Okay, I’ll continue about our adventure later but now I have to show my new toy:

    Okay buying one of these turntables was the last thing on my mind, but a guy from work was telling me about it.  You can plug it in to your computer and record your old "vinyl records" (that is what the official name is ).  He said he saw it at Costco but when we went there, we didn’t see it.  Not one for letting things go, when I went home I went online to my favorite-est online shopping place, AMAZON.COM.  Being an impulse buyer, I looked at all the ones they had and read all the reviews and proceed to buy this Sony one, and of course, no shipping charge, WOOHOO! 

     Sony has good stuff but bad instructions as I soon found out after trying to hook it up, then going online for some support from fellow users.  I finally figured out how to get it to play out of my stereo unit and copy it to my computer at the same time.  Then when I listed to the playback, I heard a loud humming that previously I hadn’t.  Before hooking it up to the stereo, I could record but not hear.  Seems hooking it up to the stereo, on or not, prolduced a loud hum.  I disconnected it from the stereo and the recordings sounded way better. 

    I am now in the process of digging out my LPs and recording it, using my laptop so I can blog unhampered.  Boy does all those songs bring back memories.  It’s a good thing I kept them.  At one time I was thinking of tossing them out, not even having a turntable to play them on. 

    So that is my new toy and when I am finished recording my LPs I may pass it on to someone else.

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    okay, okay, I’m still alive! 

    Okay, I’ve been on a trip to Maui with my grandson, Kawika, well that was a while ago, like june 12 – 17, about a month ago.  We got a great deal on airline tickets on go! airlines from honolulu to maui.  so, with all the taxes and fees, it was still a good deal amounting to $18.00 roundtrip per person.  It was one of those buy tickets online now deals, so think who would go with me, the only one I could think of was Kawika, he was out of school and didn’t have anything to do.
    I had to add on car rental, $200.00, and we were thinking of hotel, another $200-ish bucks.  I called my aunties, 2 of them to see if they’d be home so I could visit them and my Aunty Lucy if we wanted to stay at their condo in Maalaea Harbor.  I tried to hide my feeling of jumping up and down, saying Yes, Yes, Thank -You-God!.  I simply said, are you sure?  We had the condo for as long as we were staying. 
    So that was the start of Our Adventure, Kawika and me.  Equiped with a GPS, and faint memories, we started on our trip to Maui. 
    We got off to a bad start cause the only departure time to maui was 8:30 at night, by the time we got there it was 9:30 at night and in Maui, there is no one in site.  We thought we’d follow some passengers, us not knowing where the baggage claim was and found out they were going straight to the parking lot.  We quickly turned around and walked and walked and finally found the baggage claim with one baggage left, ours. 
    Then we had to find the car rental place.  We saw a some bus stops and saw some rental companies name on them so we went to wait at the bus stop, dragging 2 suitcases, and one big shopping bag with 5 pounds of lychee and other omiyage.  We waited for a while and a bus stopped but not ous, I asked where sas Dollar Rent a Car and he said I had to go back past the baggage claim and go in the back of the closed car rental offices.  That is where you catch the bus.  Okay, I’m not that stupid but how was I supposed to find a bus area in the back of some offices?  We finally arrived at Dollar rent a car place and we must have been the one they were waiting for so they could close up shop and go home.  They were very courteous and the computers where closed so had to do all the paperwork by hand.  By the time we go out of there, it was 10:30 at night and we had to go Auntie’s house in Wailuku to get the keys for the condo.
    My Aunty and Uncle are the most wonderful people in the world.  I called them as soon as we got there (they live in a condo) and they said they’d be down and to wait right there.  They led us to Maalaea in their car with us following behind.  I swear, I would have gotten lost!  They opened the condo, told us about everything we needed to know.  The condo looked so lived in, seem Uncle loved to go there on the weekends and sit on the lanai and look out to the ocean.  We went out to the lanai and sure enough the ocean was about 10 feet from the condo.  It was so beautiful, I felt so blessed to have that kind of priveledge.  They left with their good wishes and we were so happy to just to sleep in our new beds. 
    This is the view of Kihei accross the bay from our condo.  Beautiful huh?
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