Okay, I’ll continue about our adventure later but now I have to show my new toy:

Okay buying one of these turntables was the last thing on my mind, but a guy from work was telling me about it.  You can plug it in to your computer and record your old "vinyl records" (that is what the official name is ).  He said he saw it at Costco but when we went there, we didn’t see it.  Not one for letting things go, when I went home I went online to my favorite-est online shopping place, AMAZON.COM.  Being an impulse buyer, I looked at all the ones they had and read all the reviews and proceed to buy this Sony one, and of course, no shipping charge, WOOHOO! 

 Sony has good stuff but bad instructions as I soon found out after trying to hook it up, then going online for some support from fellow users.  I finally figured out how to get it to play out of my stereo unit and copy it to my computer at the same time.  Then when I listed to the playback, I heard a loud humming that previously I hadn’t.  Before hooking it up to the stereo, I could record but not hear.  Seems hooking it up to the stereo, on or not, prolduced a loud hum.  I disconnected it from the stereo and the recordings sounded way better. 

I am now in the process of digging out my LPs and recording it, using my laptop so I can blog unhampered.  Boy does all those songs bring back memories.  It’s a good thing I kept them.  At one time I was thinking of tossing them out, not even having a turntable to play them on. 

So that is my new toy and when I am finished recording my LPs I may pass it on to someone else.