okay, okay, I’m still alive!

Okay, I’ve been on a trip to Maui with my grandson, Kawika, well that was a while ago, like june 12 – 17, about a month ago.  We got a great deal on airline tickets on go! airlines from honolulu to maui.  so, with all the taxes and fees, it was still a good deal amounting to $18.00 roundtrip per person.  It was one of those buy tickets online now deals, so think who would go with me, the only one I could think of was Kawika, he was out of school and didn’t have anything to do.
I had to add on car rental, $200.00, and we were thinking of hotel, another $200-ish bucks.  I called my aunties, 2 of them to see if they’d be home so I could visit them and my Aunty Lucy if we wanted to stay at their condo in Maalaea Harbor.  I tried to hide my feeling of jumping up and down, saying Yes, Yes, Thank -You-God!.  I simply said, are you sure?  We had the condo for as long as we were staying. 
So that was the start of Our Adventure, Kawika and me.  Equiped with a GPS, and faint memories, we started on our trip to Maui. 
We got off to a bad start cause the only departure time to maui was 8:30 at night, by the time we got there it was 9:30 at night and in Maui, there is no one in site.  We thought we’d follow some passengers, us not knowing where the baggage claim was and found out they were going straight to the parking lot.  We quickly turned around and walked and walked and finally found the baggage claim with one baggage left, ours. 
Then we had to find the car rental place.  We saw a some bus stops and saw some rental companies name on them so we went to wait at the bus stop, dragging 2 suitcases, and one big shopping bag with 5 pounds of lychee and other omiyage.  We waited for a while and a bus stopped but not ous, I asked where sas Dollar Rent a Car and he said I had to go back past the baggage claim and go in the back of the closed car rental offices.  That is where you catch the bus.  Okay, I’m not that stupid but how was I supposed to find a bus area in the back of some offices?  We finally arrived at Dollar rent a car place and we must have been the one they were waiting for so they could close up shop and go home.  They were very courteous and the computers where closed so had to do all the paperwork by hand.  By the time we go out of there, it was 10:30 at night and we had to go Auntie’s house in Wailuku to get the keys for the condo.
My Aunty and Uncle are the most wonderful people in the world.  I called them as soon as we got there (they live in a condo) and they said they’d be down and to wait right there.  They led us to Maalaea in their car with us following behind.  I swear, I would have gotten lost!  They opened the condo, told us about everything we needed to know.  The condo looked so lived in, seem Uncle loved to go there on the weekends and sit on the lanai and look out to the ocean.  We went out to the lanai and sure enough the ocean was about 10 feet from the condo.  It was so beautiful, I felt so blessed to have that kind of priveledge.  They left with their good wishes and we were so happy to just to sleep in our new beds. 
This is the view of Kihei accross the bay from our condo.  Beautiful huh?