Finishing some projects

So I’ve been home one week now and looking for things to do,  feed my feril birds, watch feril chicks come and go, look for unfinished projects that maybe I can finish, and in between, checking to see how Kawika is doing.  I finished one project that I think looks pretty good. 
Ta Daa:
This is Kawika’s new curtains.  When he moved into Jill’s old room there was frilly seashell ones.  I asked him if he wanted new ones and what kind did he want.  He said he liked Sponge Bob Squarepants and showed me a sheet he had.  I went to Walmart to look at material and there was SpongeBob.  I lined it with dark blue material to keep out the light and made curtains for 1 window.  Then now, about 2 months later, I finished it!  The theme was good cause it matched the border wallpaper that we had up for Jill, kinda an ocean theme too.  He like the curtains cause it kept out the light (he wakes up early with the sun). 
The star lamp was a leftover from Jill so we use it as a night light when he sleeps. 
I also bought some wooden letters from Walmart and had Roger paint them, gloss them, and hang them up for him.
Turned out pretty nice and personalized his room, especially since there are still some boxes and stuff leftover from Jill.