Stuck at home

Well, I was planning on going to work on monday, (7/20) but Kawika started to get sick at 2 am.  Dawn didn’t have much vacation to stay home and I didn’t trust Roger staying home with Kawika by himself.  I stayed home and took him to the doctor the next day.  Seems he has some type of flu, don’t know if it is the H1 N1 flu,.  It takes about 2 weeks for the test results to come back and by then Kawika should be well, he is starting to get sitr crazy now and that is a big improvement from him just sleeping and not being hungry.  So, I’ve been home with him about a week and he’s been sleeping and watching tv for a week now. 
Thursday was my day for doing errands, he was getting better and Roger could go into work later.  I went to a friend’s house to fix her light, then went to Home Depot to pick up some supplies.  Two hours later, I was finished with her light, (a little more fixing than I though) so I was off to Toysrus to look for an erector set with motors in it for Kawika.  This past summer he took some summer school classes  for Robotics and the Ocean.  He really like the robotics and had a beginners idea of how things work.  I was at Toysrus and since he was working with Lego sets, I though I’d look for them first.  Boy I didn’t know how much they cost.  A basic set was 300 some odd dollars.  So, I looked at all the stuff they had, especially the stuff on sale.  I picked up this Robotrixx set made my Struxx
Isn’t that cook? 
After picking that up, I went to Longs to get a refund, to my office to drop off a sympathy card (supposed to go funeral for a guy that I work with’s father that passed away), then to Zippy’s for burrito and chili for lunch.  By the time I got home it was 3:00 pm and I left at 10:00 am that morning.  Boy seemed like I went to work or something. 
Getting that set was just the perfect thing for him and the whole family.  Kawika and I started it that day, he put it together and I helped get the pieces.  About 2 hours later we took a break.  Then yesterday we started it up before dinner, with Dawn helping, then Roger helping and then I started building some.  We got it together about 8pm and it worked, from the head moving side to side to the growl.  It even had a motion sensor!   All in all it was a good esperience and well worth the 35 bucks I paid.
That’s Roger behind the while sheet, asking, "is that it?  Isn’t that enough?  My arms are getting tired"