What is a bidet?

I was talking to one of the guys at work and he said he purchased some bidets from some guy for cheap and installed them at his mom’s house.  She really loved it cause she has incontinence and his father wears a diaper, even though he can clean himself, the bidet was just a god-send for them.  I started looking into bidets cause I remember them in Japan.  They were great, made you feel really clean without harsh wiping.  Sooo, I found some new ones that just attach under the toilet seat and uses the water pressure from under the tank.  It just connects to the same water source as the toilet.  It came yesterday and when Kawika wanted to know what that was, Roger explained about the concept of bidet and he wouldn’t believe it.  He just thought he was joking and Roger told Kawika to ask Mama (me).  So he asked me about it and I told him and he just giggled.  Then he was so excited about Roger installing it, he wanted it installed that night.  I explained that Papa doesn’t work that fast and he would need some time to study it.  Maybe tomorrow it’ll be installed.  Looking a little dissappointed, he went to bed. 
Today when I came back from work guess what?  Roger was working on the bidet and had it installed. 
Pretty neat looking, no one used it yet, we’re waiting for Kawika to use it first. 
And this is what the kitties were doing all the while Roger was working:
They were giving him moral support !