Everyone’s all okay

Kawika went to the doctor yesterday and she said he’s all okay. 
My finger is doing well, the flap has healed and looks like will leave a scar
Been home since last friday, nice to have comp time to take mini vacations. 
Been watching tv, catching up on my tv shows, watched the movie Ponyo yesterday.  Loved it!!  Love Hayao Miyazaki’s aminated movies, and trying to make a library or his movies.
Princess too went to the vet for checkup and weighed in at 13 lbs.  Doesn’t sound too much and she is only 1 lb heavier than Midnight but the vet said she’s too fat and loving her c/d food too much.  She had to switch to a Crystal free diet after getting too many urinary infections and blood in her urine.  It seems to work and she loves the food, will even go to her bowl and cry for food.  Funny huh?
Watching Tiger Woods playing the PGA today, colored my hair this morning, trying to crochet a chemo cap.  Just another lovely day.