The party’s over..

Well, the mini vacation is over, tomorrow have to go work.  I did get some crafts done. 
I made 2 chemo caps, made from really soft yarn, Caron Simply Soft.  They turned out rather cute.  Will make more with time permitting.
I also made a coffee cup cozy.  I found, when someone gave me a gift card for Starbucks, or when I bought coffee at 7-11, the cardboard sleeve they give you just doesn’t give enough protection and it was really got hot to carry.  So, I looked for a pattern for a coffee cup cozy, why make my own pattern when there are tons of free patterns on the internet.  I found it at LionBrandYarn, under free patterns, I used regular yarn and it works great, no more burnt fingers.  Tell me if you want one and I’ll send one over.
Think I’ll make them for Christmas.