I’m sewing now!

I found this site that had fabuous instructions to make a little pouch with a zipper. 
I made a few and adjusted it till I was happy with the size.  My daughter wanted one that could fit her iphone and ds.  I did have to write down all my adjustments; size of material, length of seams, etc. 
Here are some of them that I made:
This is the one Dawn liked best:
And all the stuff that goes inside:
The best part is that I have all the stuff to make it at home.
Left over materials, interfacing left over from my embroiderying machine,
rolls of "cut as you go" zippers leftover from my little girls bag project, and I will use the leftover notions from making bead-animals keychains.
I’ve cut a bunch but you know how my mind wanders, this today and maybe something else tomorrow. 
Right now I’m sewing this cause Dawn’s (my daughter) is goin L.A. monday and will give some to my aunt and cousin, who she is staying with.
Makes me feel good when I can use thing I have leftover from another project.