Mom”s birthday

Mom’s birthday was yesterday, Saturday, I know it was last minute but in one day I managed to : Teach Kawika to wash clothes and hang them; Clean toilets with him; teach him how to clean the bathroom sink; watch Tiger Woods on tv; make cinnamon blueberry bread in the bread maker; get Kawika off to his baseball game; make Mom’s birthday present  (which was 2 zipper pouches, 1 coin purse, and 1 clothespin bag – more about this later); then think of something to bring for potluck at mom’s house; make chicken with bell pepper spaghetti sauce and whole wheat spaghetti; make coleslaw; and then get to Mom’s by 6-ish. 
Whew what a day.  Don’t think that happens all the time or that I am that industrious.  It’s just that  I’m a "think of things at the last minute" person.   I just was thinking,  what am I giving to Mom for her birthday,  what am I bringing to her house for potluck.  I did also manage to sing with Kawika while he was playing his ukulele. 
Seems he is learing ukulele in school.  That sure is a good thing!  And he’ll be learning that for 2 years, then if he is good he can play that for band.  Isn’t that neat?  I hope the big budget cuts in the DOE doesn’t affect that. 
Anyway, today we don’t go to Mom’s for dinner so it’s a rest day. 
And back to the clothespin bag.  There was a great tutorial on Craftzine for the clothespin bag, that’s how I got the idea.  Sadly I didn’t think of photoing it.  I will when I make another one.  I look on that site everyday, there’s always something neat on it.  Then I started searching online for more free sewing patterns, oh yeah that was also what I did yesterday. 
Here is the site for the dirndl clothespin bag (click on the name) I says to just cut one set and bind the opening and edges, but I decided I wanted it sturdier and cut out 2 sets. 
I then put the 2 fronts right side facing and stitched around the opening, clipped seam, turn right side out, ironed, top stitched, and then followed the rest of the instructions. 
It looked really pretty in hawaiian print with a contrasting apron, and no rickrack. 
The tricky part was printing the pattern out in 200%. 
When I printed it out, all I could get was 2 corners, don’t know how you could print it out 200% and get the whole pattern so I just got the 2 corners and traced it upside down to get the other corner and taped it together.  If you know how to enlarge a pattern so it comes out in multiple sheets, please tell me.
Anyway, today is a calm day, Kawika goes baseball with his other grandpa (Oh did I tell you we were babysitting cause his mom is in CA?) and we go church till noon. 
Will post photos of more pinbags that I plan to make for Xmas.