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  • sandy 9:53 pm on December 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    xmas cards 

    Monday, the 14th was my birthday so I thought I’d stay home and have a nice quiet birthday but it didn’t turn out that way. 2am Kawika came into my bedroom and said , mama, I threw up.  And yep he did, all over his bedroom floor and all in the bathroom sink. Cleaned half of it at 2am, covered the stain on the floor with baking soda. 
    7am, woke up and vacuumed the floor. Dawn started cleaning it with oxyclean. 7:30am leave for doctors and got lectured as to why it’s important to exercise. Off to Waipio to drop off the shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child.  Back on the freeway to town to take pic for my new work badge. Back on the freeway again to Pearl City to Foodland to buy stuff for the soup I was making.
    Home to help Dawn with shampooing the floor. After an hour of that, the carpet looks great and Kawika is still down sick. 5pm, still finishing off my soup, the dried beans that I soaked overnight is still hard. 5:30pm, take a nap. I think I’ll take off tomorrow too.
    That was just monday, tuesday I took off and crocheted a doggie shrug, didn’t like it so took it all apart and made my own pattern. 
    Wednesday, I took off again, had to start on my Christmas letter especially since my friend Kat showed me up by finishing hers before the end of the year (unheard of!).  Finishing the letter complete with photos was the easy part.  Then converting to pdf format so I could email it to friends.  That was a bit tricky cause it doesn’t like fancy stuff, take off the header, take off the photo captions, spcae the photos out, okay after editing, converting, viewing, editing, converting, viewing, etc (you get the idea) I finally had a good readable copy.  Okay, now I can print out the original one to mail out. 
    Everything goes good till I ran out of "photo quality ink jet paper" (but now they call it Presentation Paper Matte), and ink.   Off to the store. Side trip to Costco, oooh samples. Okay focus now what did I want? Okay trail mix, chicken soup, and xmas cards. oh gotta have some pita chips.  Then off again to Office Depot and Office Max, wouldn’t you know it couldn’t find both at one store?  Back home, put in the ink cartridge, okay need to align, align again, align again. Argh, can’t align, colors and black are not in line.  What to do, what to do.  Change to another printer, get Roger’s one, okay start printing, ohhh sooo slow.
    So, now I’m waiting to print out 80 sets of xmas letters (3 pages each).  Think I’ll shop online while I wait. maybe I should go work tomorrow, I won’t be as tired at the end of the day, and as frustrated.
  • sandy 8:22 am on December 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Is it our anniversary already? 

    Yeah, it’s been 16 years of wedded bliss.  (ahem, cough, cough).  We went to Kincaids in Ward Warehouse for our anniversary.  First it seemed we had to babysit so we made reservations for 3, then we didn’t and Dawn didn’t have to play softball, so we just added another person.  I think it was more fun with 4 of us than just 2 of us.  It did make eating more of an adventure. 
    Dawn and Kawika celebrated with us.
    We ate appetizers, like their famous crab, artichoke dip, and the best calimari rings with a sweet chili dip, and crab and cream cheese wontons.  Boy was that ono!  Suffice to say, by the end of that I was a little full so I opted to eat clam chowder soup and a pea salad for dinner.  Dawn and Kawika shared a furikake salmon and Roger had the seared Ahi. 
    We’ve been there for our anniversary before and the best part was the dessert, they give you a complimentary creme brulee on top of the "aniiversary plate" we just loved it!  It was just enough for all of us with Kawika practically (but not really) licking the dish clean.
    Did you notice I even painted my nails.  That’s so I don’t look like I have "man hands" haha, since I do work construction, sometimes I’m concious of it. 
    We had a great time and even watched the sunset
    Now I have to cleanout the house and make room for Christmas. 
  • sandy 4:53 pm on December 1, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s December already? 

    Well, it’s December already.  The tree is up:
    Kawika , Roger and I put up the tree and trimmed it.  I told Kawika that we’re gonna trim the tree and he said, "Is it too tall?".  I had to laugh, cause I didn’t realize only old people call it that.  I should have said, decorate the tree. 
    Immediately after we decorated it, the kitties started coming around and sniffing it out.
    The black cat climbed up the tree twice and we had to pull her out both times to take her out.  We scolded her but I don’t think scolding phases them.  Princess, the tiger striped one is the guardian.  She growls at Blackie and chases her.  Not sure if she is marking her territory or if she knows that she isn’t supposed to climb the tree.
    Kawika is learning to play the ukulele.  He learns it at school and will be taking it for 2 years.  He says that if he is good enough, he can play it at band or orchestra.  He seems to like it and remembers the notes pretty good.
    His class performed at an Alu Like, literacy fair.
    Remember Shinky Dinks?  I found a tutorial for making shrinky dink flowers to use for beading.  I finally found some big punches ( about 1 inch in size) and made some.  They shrink about 1/2 their original size when you heat them.  It’s pretty neat.
    Close up:
    They are kinda cute and am thinking of putting them onto my zippered bags. 
    Christmas is coming fast and I have to send out Christmas letters, or maybe I’ll be like my friend Kat and make them just update letters. 
    Then I’ll have to start on making the zippered bags for xmas gifts. 
    So little time, so many presents. 
    Will up date as to how the gift making is doing.
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