It’s December already?

Well, it’s December already.  The tree is up:
Kawika , Roger and I put up the tree and trimmed it.  I told Kawika that we’re gonna trim the tree and he said, "Is it too tall?".  I had to laugh, cause I didn’t realize only old people call it that.  I should have said, decorate the tree. 
Immediately after we decorated it, the kitties started coming around and sniffing it out.
The black cat climbed up the tree twice and we had to pull her out both times to take her out.  We scolded her but I don’t think scolding phases them.  Princess, the tiger striped one is the guardian.  She growls at Blackie and chases her.  Not sure if she is marking her territory or if she knows that she isn’t supposed to climb the tree.
Kawika is learning to play the ukulele.  He learns it at school and will be taking it for 2 years.  He says that if he is good enough, he can play it at band or orchestra.  He seems to like it and remembers the notes pretty good.
His class performed at an Alu Like, literacy fair.
Remember Shinky Dinks?  I found a tutorial for making shrinky dink flowers to use for beading.  I finally found some big punches ( about 1 inch in size) and made some.  They shrink about 1/2 their original size when you heat them.  It’s pretty neat.
Close up:
They are kinda cute and am thinking of putting them onto my zippered bags. 
Christmas is coming fast and I have to send out Christmas letters, or maybe I’ll be like my friend Kat and make them just update letters. 
Then I’ll have to start on making the zippered bags for xmas gifts. 
So little time, so many presents. 
Will up date as to how the gift making is doing.