Is it our anniversary already?

Yeah, it’s been 16 years of wedded bliss.  (ahem, cough, cough).  We went to Kincaids in Ward Warehouse for our anniversary.  First it seemed we had to babysit so we made reservations for 3, then we didn’t and Dawn didn’t have to play softball, so we just added another person.  I think it was more fun with 4 of us than just 2 of us.  It did make eating more of an adventure. 
Dawn and Kawika celebrated with us.
We ate appetizers, like their famous crab, artichoke dip, and the best calimari rings with a sweet chili dip, and crab and cream cheese wontons.  Boy was that ono!  Suffice to say, by the end of that I was a little full so I opted to eat clam chowder soup and a pea salad for dinner.  Dawn and Kawika shared a furikake salmon and Roger had the seared Ahi. 
We’ve been there for our anniversary before and the best part was the dessert, they give you a complimentary creme brulee on top of the "aniiversary plate" we just loved it!  It was just enough for all of us with Kawika practically (but not really) licking the dish clean.
Did you notice I even painted my nails.  That’s so I don’t look like I have "man hands" haha, since I do work construction, sometimes I’m concious of it. 
We had a great time and even watched the sunset
Now I have to cleanout the house and make room for Christmas.