Happy New Year 2010

Doesn’t 2010 sound funny?  Just like saying Two Thousand one, a space odyssey.  Well, it’s 2010 and we spent it the same way we always do, with a bang.  We started it at my mom’s house for the annual pot luck party.  Best part was seeing my cousins.
This is my cousin Deb, Me, my daughter Dawn, and my other cousin Ern.
We’re having a toast to the new year, what else but Diet Coke.
Then the normal fireworks, and lots of it.  After the stroke of midnight we still had a whole table of it left.  We put it in a box for next year.
Hope it keeps okay.
And, the usual cleanup.  That’s Jill’s boyfriend Ron and the rear end of my cousin Ern.  Look at all the money burned.
My wished for you is a fresh new start.  I’m making a commitment to live healthier so I can be there for next years’s fireworks or if the legislature bans it, the lack of fireworks.  The best part is spending it with family and friends.