been busy!

First of all, I’ve been busy with my sister’s order of embroidered bowling towels for the bowling tournament her team willl be bowling  in Vegas, on the last week of January.  First I had to make a design, actually embroidery files pieced together and alphabet titles put together.  Then move them around, embroider  it out, look at it and then edit the design around, then sew it out onto the microfiber towel she supplied.  It was a good thing she gave me a bunch, you always have to get extras for mistakes, dry runs, mistakes, etc.
This is how the design turned out.
This is not really a photo of the towel, just a 3-d image made by the emb. program,Embird.  I really like it, allows me to piece together designs, work it bigger or smaller, and save the whole thing as one design.    I did emb their names on the top.  Pam really liked it and I couldn’t charge her, she’s my sister and after all, there were only about 10 towels.  And, as usual I was sewing them up until the day before she left. 
You know it was a good feeling to have a project and actually finish it.  The only down side is that now I want another project that I can finish, and no it can’t be one that is paritally done, no, it has to be a brand new one. 
Then, while doing my daily check of Craftzine, I saw my next project. 
It was a little dust bunny plush screen duster, complete with instructions.  The only thing I didn’t have is the duster part which looks like this:
It’s actually a, I could get that at Walmart!  So Ussing whatever I had at home, microfiber towel for the body, felt for the face, buttons for the eyes, and lots and lots of stuffing.  Kawika saw the photo of the dust bunny on the screen and said, Mama can I have one of those so I can dust ?  And you know I couldn’t say no.  So I spent the better part of last night finishing it and here it is:
It’s a little rough but you get the idea huh? 
And here is the bottom where you dust stuff with:
Now I’m prowling around for another quick project using stuff I already have at home.
Got any ideas?