Survived the Tsumani of Feb 2010!

We survived thetsunami of 2010!  Even though it was a bit anti climactic, everyone was prepared, evacuation went smoothly, and no one was hurt.  A part of me wished to see a big wave but a bigger part of me thanked God for no one getting hurt and no property lost.  We will be prepared for the big one!    Since it was a nothing day, no place to go, had to stay home to be one standby in case some emergency called me out, I decided to crochet something my daughter asked me to, (even though she’s 28, I still do stuff for her).   It was a crocheted Sack Boy.  It seemed a small project so I thought it was doable.  I got the pattern off the net, Turned out rather cute:
I didn’t put his zipper in and he should be brown but he’s kinda cute.  While I was looking for other sack boy patterns, I came across this little furball (on the right).   They are characters from Hayao Miyazaki’s movie My Neighbor Totoro (love that movie), called Susuwatari,  Makkuro Kurosuke or Soot .
Ho hum, another day in paradise, at least I don’t have to shovel snow!