played hookie, headache, crochet, tv

That’s what I did today.  Figured I’d make the 3 day weekend (friday was Kuhio Day) into a 4 day.  Also woke up with a headache and that clinched it since I had comptime.  So I just kinda vegged, and did stress relief by crocheting something usefull. 
I found this on Craftzine, a crocheted swiffer sock:
I have the swiffer mop and didn’t like having to buy new refills also so I decided to make one.  
I used the suggested H crochet hook but it came out too loose.   I guess I have a loose hand. 

 It all worked out well since there was enough to just slip stitch the whole thing up in the back.  I loved it, the dust and cat hair clung to it and I can reuse it and even wash it.  I think I’ll make more colors.  I found the softer acrylic yarn, Simply Soft by Caron, found at Walmart, worked really well. 
I’m now looking for another quick craft that will give me some instant (well almost) gratification.