long time no see!

I know, I can hear you, boy she’s finally written something new on her blog.
 I admit I’ve been doing the lazys.  And I’ve been on the "other" site, you know, Facebook.  Not really writing much, mostly lurking.
But to keep you up to date;
In April,
Kawika was in a play at school, "The Magic Hammer".  It was a delightfully action packed, comedy.  He played the Mongol King.
It was a cute chinese fairy tale put on by the combines 4th and 5th grade class, all 21 of them.  It wa so fun to watch.
Then in May on Mother’s Day we had a very intimate dinner (only immediate family) at Makino Chaya, buffet again! 
Memorial Day Picnic was rather unique, they had a cupcake decorating contest.  This was the cutest and most original of all (that I thought anyway).
Isn’t this so original?  Looks like a bowl of saimin but it’s a cupcake.  No one tasted it, judging was only on appearances. but I loved this one.