Knitting now 

I’ve decided to knit again.  I saw this on Craftzine and it was soooo cute that I had to try it. 
I got this pattern from Craftzine!  Tried to use the smaller yarn but was too hard to deal with (big hands and all). So I just used regular 4 ply yarn with my small #2 double point needles (4).  It was a little difficult at first but the second one was easier.  I gave that to Jill for her birthday.  It’s kinda cute cause you stick 2 pipe cleaners in the bottom crossed and that makes it stand.  It’s a good  project cause it’s small and fast.  Think I’ll make more but not sure what to do with them. 
And if you’re so inclined to try your hand with knitting using 4 needles then here is the pattern for Tiny Perching Pigeons.