My flowers are blooming!

My plants are actually living.  Seems all they need is regular watering.  Seems simple enough but it can be a hard thing to remember!  So, I got a simple drip system that has a small sprinkler head every 3-4 feet.  It goes on a timer and it was as simple as that to keep my plants alive.
These are some of my while ginger, love, just love the aroma!  I started with 1 plant from walmart no less and it has grown into 6 big pots!  About now is when they are blooming and the fragrance is just wonderful! 
I love this orchid.  I bought this tiny plant from SamsClub one day.  They were selling little tiny pots of this and had a big plant flowering to show what it would look like.  I put it in a bigger pot and let the sprinkler do it’s job.  Here is the fruits of my labor.  I think the less I take care of it the better it is.  Isn’t the color unique?