What a weekend!

Boy, what a great weekend!  First, I went to Walmart to look at material, gotta start on xmas gifts now, I may have a chance at finishing by Christmas, or maybe I should say by the end of this year.  Saw some great fabric, but with my Chinese side looking at the price, I didn’t want to pay even $3.00, but that was out of the question.  I settled for less than $5.00 ($4.97) a yard.  I felt like one of those hoarders on those tv shows, coveting my bolt of fabric in my cart, watching people as they came near it, thinking they wanted my fabric.  Any way, I bought 3 yards of each.
I went home and made some shopping bags for Roger’s friends from Japan.  Mind you it was Saturday and he wanted it for Sunday.  Being the good wife that I am.  I scurried around getting the material, and sewing them up,( 6 of them).  By the time I was done with all of them, it was midnight.  What a good wife I am.  Anyway, enough back patting, here is the bag,
Rolled up it looks like this:
Opened up it looks like this:
Yeah, I know it looks like a tank top but it’s a shopping bag.  I try to use them whenever possible cause I have sooo much plastic bags at home and there is only so many you can use to throw out the cat litter.  Oh by the way, I read an article about bacteria growing in those reusable shopping bags.  Mostly if you use them for produce shopping and meat stuff gets in them.  But if you have them, periodically throw them in the wash, that’ll take care of them little buggies. 
Okay so I sew the bags and then think, I need more to make a bunch for Xmas so, I have to get more.  The hoarder lady goes back to Walmart and see the Tokidoki – like material and goes into her coveting mode.  I put all the different colors of the material they have, must be about 5 bolts in my cart.  The line is long on Sunday so I’m waiting, and while I’m waiting, I’m thinking of how much yards I should buy, 3 yards of each?  More?  Then I hear the fabric lady telling another lady how much they started out with and that it sure is going fast.  Oh no!  I’m gonna have to get lots!  By the time I get to the counter and have the lady cut the fabric, I’ve decided on 6 yards.  Yes, 6 yards of each one.  That all came up to over $150.00.  Can you imagine that!  Good thing it’s not perishable like the 5 bags of marshmallow I bought one time,  a year later there was 5 sticky bags. 
This is the material that I just oohed and aahed at:
Cute huh?  If you’re really good, Santa may bring one to your door (or chimney, whichever).